If you have additional questions regarding membership, we encourage you to contact one of our board members by clicking their name:

Kate Pararo, President

Annette McGuffey, Vice President

Kim Barlowe, Treasurer

Amanda Reeves, Corresponding Secretary

Skipp Lowell, Recording Secretary

Charlotte Fristoe, Director

Laura Henry, Director

If you and your business are interested in joining the Tallahassee Association of Wedding Professionals, you may submit your application for membership one of two ways:

  • Filling out the form below
  • Printing out the membership application PDF and mail it and a copy of your license(s) to: Tallahassee Association of Wedding Professionals (T.A.W.P. )  Attn:  Kathy   P.O. Box 10444, Tallahassee, FL  32302. You may also fax it to 850.224.0993

Please note that completing a signed application does not guarentee membership into TAWP. Please read the requirements for membership and all notes on this and the PDF form.

Business Information
Contact Information
About Your Business
Applicable Licenses & Federal Tax ID Number

Submitting a completed and signed application for membership does not constitute an automatic membership in TAWP. Each applicant, by their signature on this application, releases and holds harmless the Association, it's Chapter, the respective Board of Directors and Officers from any claims, demands or liability whatsoever related to the application, interpretation, or enforcement of application denial procedure by the Association.