Membership Requirements

To become a member of the Tallahassee Association of Wedding Professionals, an applying individual or business must meet the following requirements and know the information listed below. If you feel that you meet these requirements, you may apply for membership here.

  • Submitting a completed and signed application for membership does not constitute an automatic membership in TAWP.  Each applicant, by their signature on this application, releases and holds harmless the Association, it's Chapter, the respective Board of Directors and Officers from any claims, demands or liability whatsoever related to the application, interpretation, or enforcement of application denial procedure by the Association.
  • New members are voted on quarterly by the Board of Directors.  (March, June, September & December).  An applicant shall beconsidered for membership if:  1) The business is interested in the standards and effectiveness of the wedding industry, 2) The businessis duly licensed, insured and certified to do business as may be required by law, 3) the business/individual has completed anApplication for Membership and said Application is accompanied by the current licenses and 4) if the Applicant has been inbusiness/operation for 12 months and has two (2) TAWP members sponsoring the applicant for membership.
  • Note:  Dues are pro-rated based on the quarter the application is submitted for consideration:
    • December:  100% of Annual Dues ($250)
    • March:  75% of Annual Dues ($187.50)
    • June:  50% of Annual Dues ($125)
    • September :  25% of Annual Dues ($62.50)